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Nerd (or geek) culture is no longer a sub-culture, it’s the culture of day. Marketing for things like comics and novels and video games is no longer an isolated thing.

Nearly everything is transformative in media now and it's important to keep your Nerd Brand Strong!

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May 25, 2017
Comic books were more or less invented in 1933 by Maxwell Charles Gaines, a former elementary school principal
Due to negative PR of comics, Gaines, in 1940, hired Marston as a consultant.
In the summer of 1940, Olive Richard, a staff writer for the magazine, visited Marston at his house in Rye, New York, to ask him for his expert opinion about comics.
“Olive Richard” was the pen name of Olive Byrne, and she hadn’t gone to visit Marston—she lived with him. She was also the niece of Margaret Sanger, one of the most important feminists of the 20th century. 
These are kinky people:
Olive Byrne met Marston in 1925, when she was a senior at Tufts; he was her psychology professor. Marston was already married, to a lawyer named Elizabeth Holloway. When Marston and Byrne fell in love, he gave Holloway a choice: either Byrne could live with them, or he would leave her.
Her Purpose
Wonder Woman made her debut in All-Star Comics at the end of 1941 and on the cover of a new comic book, Sensation Comics, at the beginning of 1942, drawn by an artist named Harry G. Peter. She wore a golden tiara, a red bustier, blue underpants and knee-high, red leather boots. She was a little slinky; she was very kinky. She’d left Paradise to fight fascism with feminism, in “America, the last citadel of democracy, and of equal rights for women!”
  • Poke to the eyes
  • Her own Lasso
  • Her own bracelets
  • Secluded Upbringing
  • Guns
  • Greek Gods
  • Different Dimensions
  • Piercing Weapons
  • Hands tied by a man
May 11, 2017
It's Kentucky Derby and free comic book day! Not to mention it's time to spring clean your brand. This episode on the Nerd Brand.
What the Tip?!
www and non www domains and google web master tools. 
Be exact with adding your websites URL to google search console. Full URL. With https or http
Why did the comic culture rise up and comic book day.
Brandon has this one covered. 
Time to do a brand review. Check your self before you advertise yourself. Inconsistent branding communicates the wrong message. Get every print piece and print out digital ones and lay on table and LOOK at what you have. Confusing and Misleading representation could result in a damaging brand reputation. 
Things to check:
  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Website
  • Copy used on digital and print items
  • Social Media Channels
  • Images used
  • Employees Social Media that are public
  • Google your self and business!!!